The city of Granada was founded by the Romans under the name Illibris . Later, after the invasion of the peninsula by the Moors in the eighth century AD, they gave it its current name of Granada . The Catholic Kings conquered the city in 1492 , thus completing the Reconquista of the Iberian peninsula for Christendom . During the siege of the city , Queen Isabel of Castile and Christopher Columbus received granted the means to undertake their journey to the West Indies.

This turbulent history has left numerous traces in Granada as palaces , churches and other buildings that proclaim the rich cultural heritage of the city . The monumental complex of the Alhambra and the Generalife , fortress and palace of the medina Nasrid kings , is world renowned both for its beauty and stunning panorama that its location offers visitors .Within this complex is also a Renaissance palace built by Emperor Charles V by the Arab stronghold.

Facing the Alhambra, on another hill , is the Albaicin a fascinating labyrinth of narrow streets whose white houses include indoor gardens are known as Carmens . It is the Mirador de San Nicolas, from where a beautiful view of the Moorish palace is contemplated. Nearby, visitors can visit the Sacromonte, with its caves and some of the most genuine local Flemish city .

It is also possible to see in Granada Cathedral Renaissance considered the first of its kind in Spain . Beside her, the Chapel Royal , commanded by Ferdinand erected for his grave. Many other churches populate the city, built by the Moors after the conquest producing a unique style known as Mudéjar.