Mobile phone

Seville Services offers you a mobile phone for your stay in Sevilla or Andalucia, avoiding to pay the expensive roaming fares using your own mobile phone. Depending on the use you think for the mobile phone, we offer you two possibilities: an ownership mobile with a very low price or a rental mobile for your stay in the city.

If you decide to use the ownership mobile, we will give you a totally operating telephone ready for being used, with a price of 60 euros. This price includes 12 euros pre-payment charge (it is useful for around one hour speaking). In the case you spend all this pre-payment, you could reload the mobile phone as many times as you want in Orange’s shops, tobacco shops, supermarkets, etcetera.

If you choose a rental mobile, we bring you one of our phones with an active number ready for using since the first minute. In this way, the fare is 5 euros for every day, plus the calls’ expense you make during the days the telephone is with you.

Anyway, if you prefer not to use our services, you could find useful information.