If you need we buy in the supermarket all the things you could need for your arrival or during your stay in Seville or Andalucia. It is as easy as call us or send us a mail, indicating the food you prefer and the quantity and your estimated arrival time. So, when you arrive to your accommodation, you will find that food in the fridge, ready for your use.

This service is thought for those people that arrives late in the evening or in Sundays or holiday days, when the supermarkets are closed and it is not very easy to find a place where you could buy those things you need for a comfortable dinner or the breakfast for the following day.

It could be also interesting if you want to prove the typical spanish food like “tortilla de patatas” (potatoes’ omelette), “gazpacho” (vegetable fresh soup) or so on. We could also manage free-gluten food, food for diabetics, etcetera; or special food from your own countries.

If you decide to use this service, you only need to pay 30 euros for our management and the supermarket’s ticket we will show you.

Anyway, if you prefer not to use our services, you could find useful information.